Today I received the badge pendant I ordered for my boyfreind for Christmas, engraved with his badge number. It is truly a beautifull piece and I couldn't be more pleased. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he opens his gift on Christmas morning. This year of all years, I think it will mean so much.

New York, New York, USA
December 2001

I was interested in ordering a 7MM Red Line Ring for a friend of mine who is a firefighter here in Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA.

He was one of the firefighters who had worked at Ground Zero and I was hoping to give it to him while we're down in NYC for the anniversary ceremonies next month.

Susan S.
Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA

I received my Survivor's Ring today and it was well worth the wait. It's beautiful, and is a very special way of remembering those I've lost in the line of duty. Thank you!

Chicago, Illinois, USA

I lost my son William J. Hetrick on July 10,2000 in the line of duty, your page was sent to me through e-mail and I find in very touching reading on of the responses on your page.

Perrysburg, Ohio, USA

Gary, my husband has been a sworn officer with the Hamilton force for nearly 2 years now. It took him over 6 years to reach his lifetime dream to be a cop. I bought him his ring when he graduated police college. When we were married, July 6, 2001, we used the same ring to seal our vows. Now the ring has two meanings for us, and both equally significant. It is a beautiful symbol of everything Don loves!

Lisa S.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I just received my ring from my family as a birthday gift.With 10 years in the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary I did not have any tangible symbol of my service except for my badge until now.This ring says it with understated dignity.To receive it from those you love is especially satisfying.Thank you for that.We are all members of the Brotherhood,be safe.

R. D. Pike
St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada

I was walking about on the last day of police week, May 2004 in DC. Met Gary and Susan. They had a few racks of rings, but not what I wanted. So I ordered and 5 weeks later my ring arrived FED-X. Was absolutely delighted and still am. It's the only jewelry I wear. Others have noticed and wish they would have ordered. Come back in 2005. See you then.

J. W. Diehl
Washington, District of Columbia, USA

This is a great idea, yesterday a fellow paramedic died on duty in Halifax, I thought it would be great to send his family one of your items, can you suggest something and or send me a catalogue, better still would to send something right there, please advise, sincerely Paramedic #####, from Niagara Emergency Medical Services.

Mary H.
Port Robonson, Ontario, Canada

My Grandfather is a retired OPP Officer, he retired Superintendant of the Technical Branch and well my girl friend is headed off to school to begin her EMS Training which she has prepared so hard for. I would just like to send my support and best wishes to all those who in the Emergency Services field or who are retired or are aspiring to have a carreer as an emmergency services worker.

J. Wood
Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada

I am currently serving the HWRPS as a 2nd class Constable. I just recieved my Official Police Unity Line Ring which was an anniversary gift from my wife. Thank you for what you are doing. I was in Ottawa 2 weeks ago for the Canadian Police Memorial Service. This event put the job and family into perspective for me. I will wear this ring with pride to be a member of such a strong brotherhood.

Dave K.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Gary, as you may remember,I bought my ring and my husband Randy's ring at the International Law Enforcement Brotherhood Night about two years ago. We wear these rings with pride and explain their significance to any who appear interested.Additionally the ring has been a recognizable symbol for others in the know and new acquanintances have been made because either we recognized the ring on their finger or they recognized ours. I received the package of info. recently sent to me and will be distributing it to several law enforcement officers in Mississippi and here in Ontario. Thanks again for this very meaningful and unifying remembrance.

B. Forder

I have had my ring for a little over 4 years now. I don't always wear it because I don't wear alot of jewelry but when I do it's my Unum ring. I am proud to wear it and even prouder to explain it to non-police what it means.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hi Gary - It was a pleasure working with you for all those years. I have worn my ring for the last five years and enjoyed every minute of it. Keep in touch.

Tom S.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

My fiance and I are getting married in November 2004. He is a police officer and has been wanting a thin Official Police Unity Line Ring. I thought this would make an excellent wedding ring/gift.

Texas, USA

I bought a fire ring 3+ years ago and still love it! I get asked about it alot and always send them your way. Keep up the goood work Gary.

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

I have recently graduated from an Associates Degree Nursing program and have earned my Registered Nurse certificate. I had ordered my ring prior to my graduation as a present to me! I am so excited and honored to be one of the many few who will be a representation of a true purpose. Such a symbolic treasure.

Thomasville, North Carolina, USA

This is a fantastic site. I was forwarded your link by a good friend of mine that I work with in the Fort Worth Police Department. I will be forwarding your website to an association where hopefully you will be receiving more orders. Sincerely yours, Corporal Rowell, Fort Worth Police Department, Fort Worth, Texas, USA & Director At Large for Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA)

D. Rowell
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I was just advised of your site and I appreciate what you are doing. It is past due for some form of recognition for all persons in the field of emergency services. Keep up the good work. I am retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted police after 31 years service plus another 4 years with a Provincial Gov't.

John C.
Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

Enjoyed meeting you at Cleveland this last weekend. My buddy purchased a ring for me on Thursday night. I have been showing all my Phoenix buddies all week long. I am impressed as well as honored to be a part of the profession for 23 years. Great idea, and I look forward to comments and inquiries on my proudly worn ring.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

It's about time there's a web-site that relates to those dedicated to Emergency Personnel. Unfortunately, it has taken so many lives to educate those around the world.

Hats off to the Clues!!

Terri S.
Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Thank you Omnes Ad Unum for your support of all emergency services personnel. Without cops, firefighters, & medics, many lives would be lost.

S. Dziczkoff
Certified Bodyguard/N.R.E.M.T./Military Veteran
Las Vegas , Nevada, USA

Working as a Correctional Officer for ten years I received my ring last christmas and wear it with pride. Thanks for your efforts.

Kenneth H.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Gary, Excellent work on your site. I am glad that I found it because I have a few Brothers on the SRPS that are interested in the ring. I have had mine for almost 2 years and wear it everyday. Workmanship and quality is second to none. Hats off to you and your wife.

Bob N.
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Gary, congratulations on your efforts to promote unity in emergency services. Sadly, this is an area that needs to be promoted more vigorously within our current police culture. As the Benevolent Chairperson of our Association, I wholeheartedly endorse your efforts.

Chris W.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I've be a police officer for 21 years i've be a sgt for 10 years of my 21.I thank this is a very good i have lost 2 of my friends in the line of duty. Well next year i'll be retired looking forward to it but i'll miss the officers i work with keep up the good work.

Richard M.
Clanton, Alabama, USA

Very nice site. As one who is in law enforcement and having lost my father in the line of duty, I very much appreciate your concern for such honors.

R. S. Carter
Lanett, Alabama, USA

I have ordered a ring, and I think it is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. Wonderful idea to display our pride and hard work.

Val D.
Alberta, Canada

Gary, and excellent idea and very attractive pieces of jewelry. I look forward to displaying them at the ASLET 12th International Training Seminar & Law Enforcement Expo in Albuquerque January 19-23, 1999, and appreciate your contributions to the seminar and all emergency services professions. Keep up the good work!

M. R. Shea
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

I publish Southern Lawman Magazine and distribute almost 30,000 copies throughout the Southeast and other parts of the USA. I appreciate your advertisement support and I know from my travels around the various police/sheriff departments, your rings/medallions are getting a lot of favorable comments. I wish you luck here in the USA. We are all in one worldwide brotherhood. Look for the next issue of Southern Lawman - there will be an article about Omnes ad Unum and Gary's efforts.

B. Hart
Paris, Tennessee, USA

Beautiful, I'll be ordering my ring as soon as possible. It's about time someone did something like this.

S. Unger
Gardendale, Texas, USA

What you people are doing si a wonderfull thing. I really hope that every fire fighter has a chance to get one of these. I hope that people really understand the brotherhood that the Fire Departments have together.

Brian L.
Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota, USA